About Us

Welcome to our family run business! 

East Coast Sports Marketing LLC has grown in many ways.  As a 9yr old boy with a love of sports cards, I began my sports card buying and selling career in 1980.  At the Rt. 1 Flea Market in Edison, NJ I worked for a long time card dealer and hobby veteran, Mr. D. My very first job working was to measure baseball cards. Yes, measure them!  You see back in 1980, there weren't a lot of high valued cards yet, so when people brought in collections (mostly in brown paper bags, or plastic trash bags) my job was simply to take them out, organize them by decade and measure them with a wooden ruler. If I remember correctly we paid $.50-$1 per inch for 1950 and earlier $.25- $.50 for 1960's and the 1970's stuff was pretty much factored in for free! 

As I grew into my teenage years, my passion for sports cards continued on and I was able to convince my high school history teacher Mr. P (who was an avid collector) to open up a local brick and mortar store in South Bound Brook, NJ called "The Squeeze Play".  That was 1986 and I spent all of my free time there on weekends and in the summer (when I wasn't playing baseball, of course).  While eager to keep educating others about how valuable sports cards could be as an investment, I petitioned my high school faculty to begin a Baseball Card Club.  They graciuosly agreed to the idea and for 3 years I served as President. I eventually bought  "The Squeeze Play" from my high school teacher and ran it for several years from 1990-1994.  During that time I expanded into a mail order business and became a full time advertiser in the Sports Collectors Digest, an iconic hobby paper of the times. 

While starting with the old, brick and mortar store, expanding to mail order and then setting up as a dealer at trade shows in the 90's, I quickly realized to continue to provide the level of service my customers were expecting I needed to move to an on-line presence.  In July of 1998 I opened my first eBay store NC-Vintage.  In the past 17 years under that account I have sold well over 20,000 items totaling several million dollars in sales, all while maintaining a Top Rated Seller status with 100% positive customer feedback. I pride myself on the best customer service and stand behind everything I have sold 100%.

In 2012, my wife joined the business, as well as a full time office manager and a part time family employee.  We expanded our on-line presence and added a second eBay store called start-collecting and moved from a home based business to a 1,200 square foot warehouse/office located in Flemington NJ. In a little over three years our second eBay store has grown from just a few hundred items to currently over 15,000 items and growing. In that time we have sold more than 35,000 items totaling well over a million dollars.

Our website, www.start-collecting.com, is our latest advancement in our business and it's designed to offer many of the same items you have to come to enjoy viewing on our NC-Vintage ebay site along with some EXCLUSIVE RARE ITEMS that we have recently acquired.  Some of these items are one of a kind and can only be found on our website. We also offer payment plans for these rare items so please contact us if you would like to reserve an item.

That same passion our company started with in the 1980s continues today.  Our most important value is the personal relationship we establish with our customers. 

Thanks for reading and Happy Collecting! 

 - Joe Drelich